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The history of PLC Transit Service OY began in 2011 in a tiny office in Helsinki. Back to then company owned one IVECO truck and IVECO Daily van, shared small office space with Delta-Auto's sales department and had only three employees— a driver, an accountant and CEO who also worked as a manager.

As the company's needs increased so did the opportunities. In 2018 PLC Transit Service Oy's first logistic center was opened in Vantaa. The new hub promoted rapid growth and development of the entire company. Even nowadays Vantaa center is one of the biggest PLC Transit Service OY stations.

Year 2018 started with a large digital project. We implemented the FMS (Fleet Management System) and installed 1C Transport software.

The software was uploaded to each truck’s smartphone. The innovation let to exchange the information on-line and made the communication process between drivers, manager and clients easy and fast. 1C Transport is also available as an application and allows to keep the drivers updated even if they out of cabin.

In 2019 we took another step towards the sustainable development by buying first liquefied natural gas (LNG) powered truck. Our company follows the worlds innovations and inventions that could be used in PLC Transit Service Oy to reduce the amount of harmful carbon dioxide emissions. Using the of LNG powered trucks is one of the ways to reduce CO2 emissions.

At the beginning of 2020 we continued the digitalizing to achieve full automatization of operational processes. Although the consequences of the coronavirus epidemic had been severe for many businesses, we managed it and kept to develop the digitalization.

The 1-С Transport software solution is a way to facilitate and automate operational part. It is making sales, transportation and other functions more effective and let us to improve the quality of customer service.

Constantly growing PLC Transit Service Oy celebrated its 10th anniversary with more than 150 employees and over 70 own trucks.

In 2022 due to the business fast expanding and changing requirements PLC Transit Service OY increased own service and maintenance capacity of its transport fleet.

In 2022 PLC Transit Service Oy had more than 200 employees and 95 trucks.
And even though the head office has moved to Espoo, our logistic hub stays in the heart of Finnish logistics in Vantaa.

We do not regret the past but look forward realizing that growing and developing is our way. Our goal is to be among Europe's 10 biggest transport companies providing an excellent service.

The goal is definitely ambitious but we believe we can achieve it.

PLC Transit Service have had same owners through more than 10-year history!

PLC Transit Service

A Reliable Partner For Your Business