4th February 2022

Many companies choose gas vehicles to save the environment. Gas trucks are durable, easy to use, and reliable. Together, with the support of state gas truck procurement, we can save our planet and reduce harmful emissions more easily.

According to Ilja Patruhin, CEO of PLC Transit Service, “Gas is our choice as a fuel for distribution and trunk traffic because it is low-emission, easy to use and simple in technology. Gas is also a reliable fuel for heavy transport ’.

In the future, we aim to only use gas vehicles. State-guaranteed procurement support will help our company achieve this goal in the near future, and we have already come a long way with it. We currently have 15 gas trucks in use, with five more coming this year.

‘Procurement support has allowed us to increase our fleet, and we have used all the procurement support we have been able to get. It is important that the fuel used for transport is as environmentally friendly as possible, but the market for transport services also requires cost-effectiveness. Investments are needed to develop gas transportation. Without state support, it would be very difficult for the transport sector to meet its emissions targets ’.

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