Container Transportation


Container Transportation or multimodal transportation is the transportation of goods in adjustable containers. Multimodal transportation is performed with at least two different means of transport (rail, sea, road) without additional cross-docking.

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What types of cargo suit best for container transportation?

Your cargo is protected from any mechanical damage, precipitation and temperature changes by solid walls of containers. This type of transportation is best suitable for goods free of deterioration such as furniture, building materials or equipment of any kind and etc.

All the containers are sealed in order to prevent unauthorized access to cargo during transportation.

Container transportation rate

Freight rate depends on the following:

  • Type of cargo (hazardous goods, oversized, heavy-weight cargo etc.)

  • Time-based pricing of rail transportations, harbour dues, freight charges

  • Container type

  • Container drop-off fees (a drop-off of empty containers at an alternate container depot)

Extra services:

  • Customs clearance paperwork

  • Insuring of cargo

  • Packaging, storage and cargo security

  • Intermodal transfer of cargo

  • Surveyor cargo quality inspection

International Container Transportation
with PLC Transit Service means:

  • Fast order processing

  • Rate calculation takes no longer than 4 days, and 2 days to pass through ports

  • Compliance with ISO 9001 quality management system standarts

  • Working with world's leading insurance companies

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3. Guaranteed fulfillment of all license terms

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